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FIX: My Android device battery draining and showing me ads

I’ll give you a hint: Peel Smart Remote.

I gave my old Android (Samsung) phone to my mother.
She came by today with her phone and said that the battery is going really fast and that she occasionally sees advertisements.

The first thing that comes to mind is ‘why do I give her such a phone’ and ‘this is a virus’ but alright, she said she had done nothing with it but call and WhatsApp.

I installed Malware Bytes and scanned the phone with no result.
After the scan I also got to see an advertisement I couldn’t close! So I look at installed applications, and see Peel Smart Remote there.

I never saw or heard of this application, so I started searching on Google. Apparently this is a Samsung application that can be installed by Samsung, which you can no longer remove, and which indeed drains the battery! Funniest part is, if you Google ‘Peel Smart Remote’ the first result is a Samsung page ‘How do I disable Peel Smart Remote’.

Then what can I do about Peel Smart Remote?

Peel Smart Remote
Peel Smart Remote

Well, we can’t remove Peel Smart Remote, but we can disable the application.

In short:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Application Manager
  • Select Peel Smart Remote
  • Force Stop Peel Smart Remote
  • Select Disable
  • Confirm Disable
  • Revert to the factory version

The application is now disabled completely and won’t drain your battery or show you ads from now on.

When you need a more clear explanation of how to disable Peel Smart Remote, please go to Samsung‘s tutorial. It contains screenshots to help you out.

Is Peel Smart Remote a Virus?

An application that drains your battery and shows your advertisements you cannot close until you click the ad, is in my eyes definitely a virus.

Why are phones supplied with applications that you do not want, but can’t remove?

Simple, because Samsung and other phone providers get money for it. Everytime you see an advertisement they’ll get money, and when you (accidently) click the advertisement they get even more.

It could also be that for every device sold with the application they get a share as well. Or use the software to promote their own applications, or even monitor your phone.

We also call unwanted pre-installed software CRAPware!

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