We all make mistakes!

404 the webpages aren’t found

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

– Bob Ross

Maybe try a search to find what you’re looking for?

What happened with baswijdenes.com/portfolio?

The page you were looking for still exists, so please use the search box on your right to find the blog you were looking for.

I started baswijdenes.com/portfolio because I didn’t know how to install WordPress in the root directory.
I started with all kinds of different things, but eventually I ended up with an IT blog.

I don’t think Portfolio fits well with an IT blog anymore, and the domain as a whole was way too long for my preference.

Eventually I changed my blog name from Bas Wijdenes Tutorial Blog to Bas Wijdenes IT blog and after that, I saw that baswijdenes.com was still available. The choice was easy, a quick migration and including the 301 re-directs and everything was setup.

Unfortunately I forgot about the .htcaccess re-direct and removed the WordPress installation. I got most links working again, but unfortunately not all of them. I’ve kept all posts, so if you’re looking for something specific please use the searchbar.

My webapp ‘Learn Basic PowerShell by Bas Wijdenes’

I started with “Learn Basic Powershell by Bas Wijdenes” without any knowledge of Javascript, JQuery or even php. Because of this the page was not optimal and it didn’t always work the way I wanted it. I was proud of the web app, but it was not a success and that is why I took the web app offline. Unfortunately, I do not know on how many pages and external websites I have shared the link and therefore I have now set up a 301 redirect.

If you want to learn more about Basic PowerShell then I want to refer you to a book (or pdf).

“Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, Third Edition”

Please, Google the title of the book.

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