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How to add HTML to an Android Application with Android Studio by Bas Wijdenes

Adding HTML to Android applications the basics.

After developing an application you often get questions from users. You solve this by creating a FAQ or Help component in your Application. For these components you can use HTML in your Android application.

You can add HTML in Android Studio by creating an assets folder and inserting your HTML here.

In the tutorial below, I explain how you can create an asset folder and add an html file to it. The tutorial contains screenshots.

Let’s add HTML to an Android app.

Before we start.
Have you already installed Android Studio on your device?
If not, you can download it here.

Open your Android project in Android Studio.

Find App in the top left corner. Click with right mouse button on App.
A menu will open, Go to Folder and search for Assets Folder.

Add HTML to an Android Application.
Add HTML to an Android Application.

A screen opens to add a New Android Activity. Do not change the Target Source Set unless you know what you are doing. Then click on Finish.

add HTML to Android app
add HTML to Android app.

An Assets folder has now been created. Right click again on the Assets folder this time, choose new and then click on File.

Add HTML to an Android app.
Add HTML to an Android app.

Give your .html file a name. I named mine index.html.
Click OK.

Add HTML Android Studio
Add HTML Android Studio.

Add your html content or copy your html file from your PC in Android Studio.

You can add the .html file to your application by adding the following code snippet to your

Make sure that if you copy this you change the file name.

WebView view = new WebView(this);

For more Webview classes click here.

That’s it. You can change the link etc. as you wish, but you should now have a FAQ in your application.


Do you have any further questions about your Android Application? Or are you looking for other tips? Then you can leave a comment.

If something is not clear in the tutorial, or do you have other comments, or complaints? Then you can leave a comment as well.

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