Razer mouse randomly freezes

FIX: Razer mouse freezes by Bas Wijdenes IT Blog

You don’t want your mouse to freeze while gaming, never actually.

For a few days, my Razer mouse kept hanging when I was gaming. Sometimes the mouse just hanged, but usually this happened during the lifting of my mouse. This is not desirable during gaming.

I found a solution on the steam forums via Google. I’ve improved the post myself, but all credits go to Steam user bladesmc.

If you have come to this tutorial because your Razer mouse lingers while playing World of Warcraft this blog post might be better for you.

The tutorial includes screenshots.

Let’s fix those random freezes.

If I’m correct, you also installed Razer Synapse during the installation of your Razer mouse.
If not download and install Razer Synapse from the official website.
It is best to search for Razer Synapse because the web page changes to a new version.

If Razer Synapse is installed you can open Start.
And search for Razer Synapse.

razer mouse freeze
Razer mouse lingers.

Let’s view Performance first.
Open the Tab Performance and click on Polling Rate.
The Polling Rate should normally be 500. If this is not the case, set the Polling Rate to 500.

Razer mouse randomly freezes
Razer mouse randomly freezes.

Now open the Tab Calibration.
Verify that Enable Surface Calibration is enabled, and if not, enable it.
With Razer mousepads you don’t have to calibrate the mouspad. I myself do not have a Razer Mousepad so I choose Others.
Follow the steps in the screen (Drag your mouse over the mousepad).

There is another option Liftoff Range (Not marked in the screenshot).
This step has solved the lift off freezes for me with the Razer mouse. You can immediately set this to 10.

As the last option you could reset the Razer mouse: “If you’re experiencing tracking issues, please manually reset your mouse by holding the left, right and scroll wheel mouse buttons for 5 seconds.”

Razer mouse hanging
Razer mouse hanging.


Unfortunately, I know from experience that these problems are not solved with one solution. If you have found another solution, could share it in the comments? That way other users also have something to offer.

Do you have further questions? Then you can leave a comment.

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