Optimized.Aza is decrepated from today (August 29, 2022)

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Optimized.Aza is decrepated as of today.
It’s a project alongside Optimized.Mga that actually requires a lot more attention than it currently gets. Optimized.Aza is unfortunately not as popular as its big brother.
More and more features are missing that Optimized.Mga does contain, causing the module to lag behind.

Because I no longer have time to keep up with Optimized.Aza, I have chosen instead of keeping 2 modules and divide my time to continue with Optimized.Mga from now on.

The module continues to exist in the PowerShell Gallery & on Github.
I am updating the Github site with the same message.

  • Posts including Optimized.Aza on this blog will not be removed
  • Optimized.Aza will not be featured in the menu anymore

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