About me

A PowerShell DevOps engineer

My name is Bas Wijdenes. I was born on 25-09-1990 in the Netherlands and to be exact, in Heerhugowaard, where I still live.

I work full-time as a PowerShell DevOps engineer. I am currently occupied with PowerShell in collaboration with Microsoft Graph, Azure Rest API, Azure, Office 365, and on-premises.

For further work experience you can view my Linkedin.

But why blogging?

At my first job I found out about WordPress and bought my own cPanel at GoDaddy. I still host all kinds of websites, including this blog, but nowadays from Cloud86 and Github pages.

In the beginning I mainly started with this blog to improve my ‘technical’ English. Nowadays I like to write new blog posts and it has no further purpose, besides reaching as many people as possible.

I have taught myself a lot in the SEO field.
Although this will be the same with my own work, sometimes you think you know a lot about a product and then suddenly you learn something new and you start to wonder what you do know?

One thought on “About me”

  1. Dag Bas, We zijn elkaar uit het oog verloren toen ik mijn profiel van LinkedIn verwijderde. Ik wou het contact graag herstellen omdat 2021 een bijzonder jaar is, want vijf jaar geleden werden we geopereerd. Mijn emailadres is [email protected] Doe me een plezier en stuur me het jouwe, dan kunnen we over twee maanden op onze levens reflecteren.

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